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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  December 27, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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to move. between 12 and 16 inches have fallen in this area. central park reports 20 inches of snowfall. nbc's peter alexander is across the river in new jersey. i know you're driving around today, peter, and that has got to be difficult. >> reporter: >> yeah, contessa, it's been extremely difficult. not just for us but for everybody. we were wise and got a 4-wheel drive car filled up with gas. we've been driving for nine hours. we'll give you a sense of what the view is as we show you north burgen, new jersey, live. you can see one of the side streets. a plow did go here several hours ago, but honestly that didn't do a lot of good. you can squeeze through here, but the cars on the side are very deep. i'm going to ask him a quick question, if i can. we'll pull up a tad more. sir, if i can, you're live on msnbc right now, how has this
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process been so far? >> pretty difficult. >> i can't hear you. >> difficult. it's a lot of snow. >> reporter: difficult a lot of snow. i don't blame it. how long have you been out of here? >> working for four hours. >> reporter: for four hours these guys have been working. you guys keep driving. i'll pull in the car as we continue to drive down the hill. this is really what it looks like as we continue to drive and speak to people. it's sort of a community atmosphere here now. neighbors have come out to try to help get the cars out of the road. the interstates were blocked in places, especially on the on and off ramps. neighbors and people in other cars got out to try to help push those cars out of the way as well. just look at the problem that exists now. these drifts are huge, and for the people that are out of town, they're going to come back and find ji jantic pil gigantic pil snow. >> the plows will go back
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through and just burr rein your car once again. it seems like a fewal effort really. peter alexander giving us a look where no doubt it feels like people have been out there for six years, even if it's only been this morning. airports in the new york area are trying to get hundreds of passengers moving. the ffa says it's not sure when planes will start flying in and out of there again. jfk and newark are expected to begin flying again about 6:00 p.m. tonight. the airlines canceled more than 1,000 flights today in that region alone, and it could be days before flyers get to where they're going. ere rish fisher has an update from laguardia. >> we have started to see a few changes. number one, the sun is out. it's fairly comfortable if you're not in the wind. number two, i see a human being or two behind me here on the walk. there haven't been many over the
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last 18 hours. it's been closed throughout the day and essentially closed last night because the weather, once it turned south, we had a whole slew of problem. over 2,000 canceled flights with the storm so far. 2,000 flights. how many people on the flights. how many flights trying to come into the airport? a whole number of people travel wary trying to get home after the holiday weekend. some of those people will not be table to get back until wednesday or thursday of this week as most of the flights are booked up, and they're not going to start trying until 4:00 this afternoon. hopefully we can get on the road to recovery then. sleeping in there overnight. they're looking for a way out. patience, folks. it's the only we we're going to get out of this situation. we'll have more later on. for now that's it at laguardia in new york city. back to you. >> eric, thanks.
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the snow is still falling in new england. central massachusetts could get get the hardest. people there could see 22 inches before it's all over. how is it looking out there, mike? >> reporter: it's looking better and better from the sky perspective. the snow has stopped. we have blue skies and sunshine. parts of this are already drying off. but we saw a convoy of nine plows back and forth late last night all night long through this morning. the wind is what we're following. the wind gusts are clocked over 40, 45 miles an hour. the blizzard warning has been discontinued, but we still have a high wind warning for the metro boston area, down towards the cape. that is up until midnight tonight. some of the gusts down along the ocean side could be clocked in at 60 miles an hour. nantucket had gusts to 70. . the storm went right over them
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this morning. the cape ahead of the storm warmed up to 40. and the snow changed to rain. but the wind, those kinds of speed, those gusts will not get power. last check we had 11,000 customers without power on the south shore and the cape. so the issue is purely wind. lowe begun airport is open. the airlines are starting to get things back in gear. all the airlines. they will start to bring flights in and get flights out there the afternoon. last check at 5:45. that doesn't mean everything is flying. make sure to check with your air carrier. tomorrow's issue will still be more wind. not only here, but down in new york city. even though they will get the airports open, contessa. the wind can cause long delays. >> it's interesting, mike, that you have the department of transportation in massachusetts, massdot saying if you don't have to go to boston for work. don't. stay off the roads. they have the governor, duval
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patrick telling all non-emergency workers to stay home today. i'm looking at the road behind you, and it seems like there's a lot of traffic out there. >> this has changed since this morning. nobody was out this morning. we were still getting moderate snow. snow was accumulating and blowing around. the roads have improved with the aide of the sunshine, the snow stopping. and people are finally getting out and saying, hey, let's go to the mall. people are saying i'm tired of being stuck in the house. >> we don't have a lot of patience for cabin fever these days. i don't know what we would have done 100 years ago. thanks a lot. let me bring in ttodd santos at weather channel. >> for the most part, what we've seen through massachusetts for the most part is over across the
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area. so many folks driving suvs. you say, well, i paid for it. i may as well get through the snow. what's already on the ground is what we're dealing with. you saw the roads behind us. still one band making its way across eastern massachusetts. likely see that up against the hills. maybe a half inch or less in and around boston. the bigger totals will be north of the new hampshire line. that's where the blizzard warnings are still in effect. the winds will continue to blow snow across the roadways. i just talked to my parents on interstate 93 a short time ago. they're saying treacherous white-out conditions there. the additional totals, i just mentioned boston. up towards central maine where we can deal with the snowfall, especially considering the ski resorts.
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number six biggest snowfall. 33 in boston. into tomorrow, this thing is out of here. this is a system at least in motion. it leaves what it's going to and gets out of there. a few leftover light snow showers. boston coming in with sunshine for your tuesday. new york, 36 degrees. it will feel pretty nice. the winds will settle down slowly. a little bit of lake-effect on erie and ontario. but for most of the rest of us, travel wise considering week started off tough, looking pretty good. at least through wednesday. out west our next system is just starting to take shape. a few showers in and around portland. tomorrow we're likely to spread more mountain snow from the sierras to the wasatch northward. utah, wyoming, all likely to get decent snowfall this month. there's a look for today. 68 in los angeles.
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44 with rain showers in portland. we'll monitor situations into the middle of the week where we'll see a big melt across the central to eastern u.s. >> the folks in san diego are really rubbing it in. i've had more e-mails going it's beautiful out here. just for the day, todd, your folks are probably right when they say you can't get there from here. >> correct. >> very true. >> all right. bye. let's look at the first pictures viewers are sending in. this is from bobby in brooklyn. hello, folks. that's cars. buried really by the snow out there. this is from new york city. an ambulance stuck in the snow. the ems guys could not dig themselves out. they told the firefighters they only had a tiny shovel. they had to res clue the rescuers. and the ambulance did finally
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come out of that this picture came from a backyard garden. how do you like that one? and who says the gordon's fisherman isn't real? where else would you expect him but brunswick, maine, alive and well with a cheap plastic snow shovel ready to go. we would love to see your pictures. upload or e-mail them in to we're looking to share them with our viewers. 2010 had the hottest summer on record in 11 states. are we looking at climate change here. and the nor'easter may have kept some people away from the day after christmas sales, but how big a blow is it for retailers across the country? [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clorox disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live
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all right, folks. we're keeping our eye on laguardia, waiting for them to give us an update about when we'll see planes taking off and landing. for now it looks like families are stranded in new york. if they've spent their vacation here. and the ones not stranded here are stranded somewhere else trying to get back in. none of the airports are hosting flights in and out as of right now, but we'll keep our eye on it. terrorism has been a topic of briefings president obama received during his working vacation with his family in hawaii. mike viqueira is traveling with the president in hawaii. bring me up to date on what the president is dealing with out there in hawaii. >> i almost feel guilty about being here. >> i'm sure you do. >> the president has been
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relatively low key. he spends most of his time when he leaves his vacation home on the other side of this island where he grew up, spent most of his childhood. when he leaves he does his activities on a marine corps base. he's at the the gim at this very moment. yesterday the first family attended services on the base. yesterday the president braved some showers up here. start the world's smallest violin about the weatheren, and played some golf. his aides have conducted a couple of conference calls about the situation, the homeland security situation, more or less keeping abreast of any updates and the plans that they have in place, should something go awrite. and thank god that's not been the case now on top of everything else that people are dealing with on the mainland. yesterday after the second of those calls, the president was briefed by his top aides, got an update. he made a call to the saudi king who happened to be this in a new
2:16 pm
york hospital, have been what are described as two successful back surgeries. we don't see a lot of taillights. the president is determined to be very low key, maintain a low profile here. >> you get to go into these places and hold strange babies. nobody thinks anything of it. when i ask strangers if i can hold their babies, they look at me as if i've done something wrong. >> yeah. i've noticed you had a couple of restraining orders. >> that's not true, mike. don't mislead folks at home. thank you, mike viqueira. see you soon. >> okay. still ahead, the house goes high-tech. the new congress brings a new rule for the house of representatives. plus, 2010 was one of the most active hurricane seasons on record. add to that record-breaking cold and heat and powerful storms on both coasts. are we looking at evidence of climate change?
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well, this post-christmas blizzard is the latest in a wild string of weather event this is year. in february we saw the so-called snow-maggedon in the d.c. area. during a three-day period in april there was an outbreak of hundreds of reported tornadoes in colorado and north carolina. in just the last week, heavy rain caused massive flooding in california. it triggered mud slides that destroyed homes. you have some people looking at the series of events and wondering if climate change is to blame. with me is a doctor from the pew center on global climate change. you look at tennessee and the wicked flooding they had there. this has been -- or the global warming system.
2:21 pm
what do you make of all this? >> well, it's great to be here. that's a great question. there's a lot of heat in the ocean, and it's evaporating a lot of moisture into the atmosphere. we know the oceans have been warming up. we know we're getting more water vapor in the atmosphere. all it takes is to have the moist atmosphere during the wintertime. if the arctic air comes down like it's doing this year and last year, it's going to have these big blizzards. >> still a lot of people have major doubts about weather climate change is happening because of human behavior. and especially when you look at the historical cycles over, you know, thousands of years shlg potentially millions of years. they say you can't point to a
2:22 pm
few bad years and say the humans have caused it. what are you looking for when you look at a series of bad weather events and matching them up with concerns over climate change? what we've been looking at is decades worth of data. we average them up around the globe and what we find is several incontrovertible facts. the earth has gotten warmer. the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has increased. we know that's coming from human activities. we know they trap heat. it's the right amount of water vapor for the heat we've trapped in the atmosphere. the evidence is really very strong. >> so you don't doubt climate change at all. then is it a catastrophe? >> no, it's not a catastrophe.
2:23 pm
there have been local disasters that are really, really bad. 20 million people displaced from their homes. that's a real disaster. it's a disaster in a place where it's our biggest ally in the vote against international terrorism. whether or not we can say that one event was because of climate change, that's the type of event we know will become more common because of climate change, and we just need to be learning about our vulnerabilities and getting ready and figuring out how to manage the problems. >> so when you're looking at 2010, the year of record heat in california, on september 27th, temperatures reached 113th degrees in los angeles. it was an all-time record. in tennessee i have what's called the thousand year flood may 1st and 2nd. it stretched not only to tennessee, but down to arkansas as well. the midwest winter storm that blanketed minneapolis.
2:24 pm
we saw the video where the metrodome roof collapsed. syracuse had the most snowfall over the longest stretch of time in recorded history. what does it take to have you say, okay, this is more than just a series of weather events, it leads up to a bigger conclusion? >> i'm telling you now it's more than a series of weather events. the reason i know that is because it is part of a 30-year trend moving in that direction. if this were 2010 alone, nothing else had been happening, i wouldn't know what to tell you. but it's part of this long, robust trend. it facts what we expect to happen. it's silly to look at individual events and say you can't tell me whether or not that's climate change. i don't need to. i can look at the 30-year trend and tell you everything that happens now is because there's more heat and water vapor in the atmosphere. that's causing these extreme events. we need to learn what the
2:25 pm
impacts will be. >> and thousand to mitigate the damage. >> mitigating the damage. how bad will we let it get? the ones we e mated are causing damage already and how we will adapt to that. >> it's a pleasure having you with us. thank you. >> it's my pleasure, thanks. >> up next, more on the blizzard ord of 2010. aup to 29 inches of snow slamming the northeast at the end of a busy christmas weekend. we have reports up and down the east coast. leon walker reads his wife's e-mail and discovers she's cheating on him with an abusive man. he tells the child's father to protect the boy. now walker is the one in trouble. it's today's "news nation" gut check. when asaw the first letter to santa claus, it was like, that's weird. and then ten more came. 20 more, 50, adding it up.
2:26 pm
there's something going on here. >> hundreds of letters to santa are mysteriously sent not to the north pole, but to a new york city apartment. we talked to the two guys receiving the letters and find out what they're doing to respond. i'm bob kearn, president of coit cleaning services. these pictures are the history of my family and they're also the history of coit. we've been in business for 60 years and our greatest asset has always been our people. we use the plum card from american express open to purchase everything we can
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we're going to do everything we can to make our vacation happen, but mother nature, she's in charge. >> welcome back to "news nation." i'm contessa brewer in for tamron hall. this is a live picture of laguardia airport. we got an update here. it looks like laguardia will open one runway this afternoon. the two other major airports in the new york city area, newark and jfk may resume flights tonight at 6:00 p.m. the blizzard forced more than 5,000 flight cancellations and
2:30 pm
we're looking at travelers stranded not only in the northeast, but other places, and it's not happening. some are waiting out the storm at washington, d.c.'s reagan airport. although it didn't hit d.c. directly, it's producing traffic headaches. let's show you the map that shows you the snow across nearly the entire part of the country. almost everywhere except our nation's capitol. a city buried so severely last year a lot of people called it snow-maggedon. we were just talking about that. hampton pearson is live at reagan national. it looks empty now. >> reporter: we've had spurts of activity here. early this morning a first wave of stranded and or rebooked travelers got out of here. a lot of those were tied to delta cancellations and
2:31 pm
rebookings. then in the middle of the day we had a bit of a surge on the part of the us air folks. now we're sort of healing up for the afternoon. and to coincide with what you were talking about with laguardia, we're now told that the 3:00 u.s. air shuttle is supposed to leave on time out of here heading for laguardia. and that's pretty much the situation that they've been dealing with here. and as far as the weather, we don't have snow-maggedon, but we've had 50 miles an hour wind gusts. those are affecting if flights can land. >> i was talking to a friend stuck in ztd louis. she's trying to get back to washington, d.c. or philadelphia. pretty much trying to get back to the northeast at this point anywhere. they're just stuck. hampton, thank you. >> the snow has stopped falling but new york city is still under a winter weather advisory for
2:32 pm
blowing snow. the city took the biggest hit of the massive storm, and mayor bloomberg is pleading for people to stay off the road so they can be cleared. he said people just abandoned their cars in the middle of the streets, and it could be another day before the cars or roads are cleared. jeff rossen has an update from outside central park. >> while the snow is still a major problem here, you have the huge snow drifts because of the wind, it is that wind that is the biggest problem. it is biting and the problem is it won't let up. it keeps taking the snow that's been plowed off to the side on the snow banks like this one over here and back to the rae. in in cases roads that were two, three, or four lanes, picture park avenue or madison avenue where buses and cars and cab can get through, it's down to one
2:33 pm
lane. so traffic has come to a standstill in many parts of the city. that's why you see so many people walking. they're on skis. they're moving their kids along sleds. it's a pretty quiet vacation week. many people have the week off from work. kids are off of school. so they're enjoying it. in fact, we can spin around here quick. this is columbus circle. this is one of the most busy intersections in the entire city. and look at this. one lane of traffic. barely any cars. you have a lot of feel trying to make their way through the snow drifts. it is going to take days at the very least especially with the freezing temperatures to get this cleaned up. across new york city, $1 million to clean up every cinch of snow. so you figure 18, 20 inches of snow, $20 million gone like that. so there you have it. people are, though, enjoying it and taking it in stride. back to you. >> some of them. i bet you some of them are not so much.
2:34 pm
jeff rossen out there. right now hundreds of city workers are on philadelphia streets salting and plowing the nearly foot of snow left behind by this storm. the blizzard is on its way out of the area. philadelphia's mayor says a snow emergency is in effect to give the city workers more time to clear the roads. >> this storm has been going in a variety of directions and is still a pretty volatile storm. we've been salt and brimed on the roadways for a while. hundreds of pieces of equipment. hundreds of employees ready to go. jim cantore is in philadelphia with the latest there. jim? >> reporter: it is a sunny afternoon here in philadelphia as the storm continues to pull away, but the winds have not died down at all. we're still 20, occasionally gusting to 40 miles an hour. that's causing the problems a at the airport in d.c. and philadelphia this afternoon because of the gusty winds. the runways are fine.
2:35 pm
they have a much improved scenario tlo. goo gonews out of newark, they plan on opening up. the sun not only warms your face, but it also helps to activate the salt and really help to melt some of this stuff on the roads. so we have some very, very good conditions here. but we only have part of -- or flooes fifth avenue in through here. that's available. there's still another ten of it yet to be plowed. a lot of cleanup will occur tonight. mayor nutter said yesterday, jim, we'll stay on the storm until it's over and clean things up once it pulls through. that's what they've been doing all along. the game between the eagles and vikings goes on tomorrow night. winds out of the west at 10. a far cry from where we are now and where we were last night at
2:36 pm
8:00. >> so we're keeping our eye on the big digout at this point. when the airports dig out, people can start flying out. a lot of travelers up and down the eastern seaboard and from coast to coast waiting to figure out which flights they can get onto get to their final destination. we have live coverage at 3:00 p.m. eastern. tips on what you can do to get to where you need to go. another bomb found at an embassy in rome. a package bomb was found in italian capitol. similar to the ones that exploded four days ago. seriously injurying two people. italian authorities responded to suspicious packages at the embassies of denmark, monaco, venezuela. in london nine terror suspects were charged with plotting large hch scale attacks against british cities and landmarks.
2:37 pm
a judge ordered them to remain in custody until the next court appearance in january. they were arrested in a series of raids last week. and we're still waiting to learn the identities of eight americans killed in egypt when a tour bus collided yesterday. it's the third fatal tour bus accident since september. the holiday shopping season comes to a close just as a massive blizzard hits the east coast. so we do we see a dampening of shopping spirits? we have a report just ahead. but a lot going on, and here's some of the things we thought you should know. joe miller says he won't stand in the way of senator lisa murkowski's win as senator. he also says he won't give up his legal fight. he says the integrity of the election process is vital. but he doesn't want to present
2:38 pm
the state from having full representation. he doesn't like the misspelled ballo ballots. big changes in the house of representatives. the incoming majority is proposing a new rule to allow electronic devices on the house floor. it would allow blackberrys, iphones on the floor. if that was a problem, maybe they should have instituted other rules. final things we learned. covering the president on vacation in hawaii. malea is the hawaiian name for mary. several catholic churches in hawaii have malia as part of the name. she is 12 years old. .
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2:42 pm
the major blizzard put a chill on post season shopping t on the east coast. this is a big week for retailers and bar gone hunters and gift returners. courtney reagan is looking at what's happening now at the stores. well, christmas may be other over. the holiday sales are not. this week used to account for about 11% of december sales. but over the last several years, the week's sales have increased in importance to about 15% of december's total sales the snow here on the east coast may have kept some folks from hitting the day after christmas sales, but most analysts believe it won't be a major blow for retailerses when we look back on this week. the mall of america expected about 100,000 shoppers in their stores. now retail analysts hit the stores in new york on sunday,
2:43 pm
herself. she said there was traffic in the stores. they did bring shoppers out in the snow. shoppers have the whole week to make up for what they may have missed because of the snow. by and large she scene many others aren't that worried. back to you. >> courtney, thank you. breesht that. an incredible story from new york city where a couple guys who live in chelsea, every year, get one or two letters from kids addressed to santa claus. this year it wasn't one or two. it wasn't 100 or 200. it was letters written to santa claus at their particular address. >> when i saw the first letter to santa claus, it was like, that's weird. then ten more came, 20 more, 50,
2:44 pm
60 -- adding it up, there's something going on here. you know, the rest of the santa letters. >> i'm jim. >> i'm dylan. over the past month we've received hundreds of letters addressed to santa claus. the thing is, we don't know why we're getting all these letters. >> this is the routine. get in, and then we, you know, like most people, you check your mail before you come up. and this is what happens. you know, the "new yorker." some sort of flier and so many pieces of mail that it happens every time, it like falls. santa claus, santa claus, santa claus. they're all santa claus. i don't think we have any mail.
2:45 pm
our address is on 22nd street, apartment number 7. new york, new york, 10001. it's not at all the north pole. kids think that santa claus lives in chelsea. >> you know, if i were santa claus i would prefer chelsea to the north pole. jim and dylan are spending their christmas in kansas city, missouri. so you get all of these letters. i mean, jim. after you read, i don't know, a dozen, a hundred, at what point does it stop feeling special? >> i think that -- i mean, each of them have a completely different story. some of them want clothes. some want shoes. then a couple want miranda rule kids stuff like toys and a playstation. they're all really special. the point of sach rag is just in
2:46 pm
how you feel. and the kind of overwhelming response that happens when you read them. >> you have to have come up with a theory about why your apartment is the address on all these letters. >> well, we were looking at it from a couple different angles, but i always suspected there was some sort of school program or something like that where somebody had been operating, some organization out of the apartment at one point. why the sudden surge this year, i don't know. >> so "the new york times" came out and talked to you guys and says, okay, they trace ad lertd to a woman saying a teacher gave out that address. another woman says she got the address from the post office website, but when the reporter typed it in, it couldn't replicate the results. and a third woman says she got the address at school.
2:47 pm
so the mystery remains. have you answered these? have you fulfilled any of the wishes for the kids? >> yeah, we went around to a bunch of different offices and a lot of friends and started to post. i would take pictures on the iphone and upload it to facebook. we got rid of 150 letters out of the mass of 4000, 450 letters. that felt really good. >> it's got to be a heavyweight to respond as santa claus. if you don't respond, then santa doesn't respond. >> it's been a struggle to figure out how to react to this. it seems like pa big burden. we were trying to figure out how to respond to this between ourselves. jim drove this. he went to go and fulfill all
2:48 pm
these letters. i'm looking to see how we can get these to the right organizes and get these fulfilled as well. not just if thr year, but for next year. >> well, your friends sarah an tom made a film about it. that's part of a clip we saw at the beginning. any chance you move before the next holiday season? 6. >> oh, gosh. that's the thing. now do we move? do we stay where we are? we're trying to figure out what to do next. >> it's an incredible story. it needs to be on a show where people find out the real story behind the mystery of why it's your apartment. merry christmas, guys. happy new year. >> thank you so much. happy new year. up next, the "news nation" gut check. a husband reads his wife e-mail,
2:49 pm
finds out she's having an affair, and what's more, it's with her ex, who used to beat her in front of her son. are you following all this? the husband says he did the right thing by alerting the child's dad. why is this guy in trouble? quick break here. we'll be right back. throughout the day. so it's nice that clorox disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪ on surfaces for up to 48 hours. missing something? now you get a cleanser with scope freshness. ♪ new fixodent plus scope ingredients. ♪ cleans...kills germs that cause denture odors...
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we're following breaking news out of the east coast. we've seen massive amounts of snow on long island in new york. a lot of snow. it shut down the kmur railroad there. that's how people get in and out of new york city. it's caused major headaches. ed is the nassau county executive. he overseas the nassau county office of emergency management and coordinates the snow response. with me on the phone. so, ed, tell me about the situation as it stands now. >> caller: well, right now the weather is cooperating. we're cleaning up the roadways. they're passable here, all the county roadways. we have 2,000 lane miles here. we're starting to see some
2:53 pm
blacktop. and we're cleaning it up. it was a rough storm. it was brutal. the winds and visibility issues were brutal. >> debt you get the snowfall total? >> we had 20 inches here in nassau county. three and four feet drifts last night. we had many disabled motorists and abandoned cars, which gave us problems with respect to cleaning the roadways. but we got through it. we're cleaning up today as well. >> the report this morning is 44 car accidents in nassau county. who how is that number later in the day? >> caller: we had over 50 car accidents. it was bad last night. >> what do you know about the long island railroad? is that causing more traffic on the roads that normally wouldn't
2:54 pm
be there, and, b, have you been in contact to find out when your county gets service again? >> i was down at the station a couple times today. i want to compliment the red cross who brought blankets, food and beverages to them. we spoke to some nta officials trying to work on the third rail problem and restore some service. they had a very difficult night and someday. that's for sure. >> you and the crews out there clearing the roads and salting the roads have a busy day ahead of you. thank you for spending a few moments with us. >> my pleasure. >> is reading your wife's e-mail a crime? a michigan man is facing a flan charge for doing that. he logged onto his wife's gmail account. he accessed the account with his wife's password and discovered she was having an affair with her second husband. leon is her third husband.
2:55 pm
the man she was cheating with had once been arrested for beating her in front of her small son. leon was worried he could be exposed to domestic violence again. so he showed the e-mails to his wife's first husband. filed an emergency motion to get custody of the boy. he said he was doing what had to be done. but prosecutors say he's a hacker who used sensitive information in a contentious way. if convicted, he faces up to five queers in prison. what does your gut check tell you? should you put in jail for snooping in your wife's e-mail? go to let us know what you think. take a look at our last gut check. should rex ryan have to explained the alleged foot fetish videos beyond saying it's personal? just 2% of you said yes. the overwhelming majority of you
2:56 pm
who responded said no way. what he does on his own time is none of our business. you know what i said is our business, that he loves his wife after 23 years of marriage. he's still attracted to her. come on. that's news. that's it for this edition of "news nation." watch us 2:00 p.m. eastern weekdays on msnbc. thomas roberts picks up coverage after the break. cleaning services. these pictures are the history of my family and they're also the history of coit. we've been in business for 60 years and our greatest asset has always been our people. we use the plum card from american express open to purchase everything we can and with the savings from the early pay discount, we were able to invest back into our business by hiring more great people like ruben here. how can the plum card's trade terms get your business booming? booming is a new employee named ruben. itbut every decemberg to the eas31st, we always make it.s.
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